Thank you for attending the Fall 2017 Training Event at Carley Corporation in Orlando, Florida.

Future Training Event:

  • January 30, 2018 – Winter 2017 Training Event: University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida


FISWG Meeting Image

Welcome to the Florida Industrial Security Working Group (FISWG) website.

FISWG brings together the expertise and experience of the former Central Florida Industrial Security Working Group (CFISAC) and the Florida Association of Information System Security Representatives (FAISSR) into one new organization. 

Like CFISAC and FAISSR, FISWG is a non-profit group comprised of contractor and government security professionals committed to raising security awareness in the Central Florida area regarding all aspects of Industrial Security. 

Our goal is to provide an up-to-date centralized repository and discussion forum that the security community can access quickly and easily and which can be used to augment information from official government sources. 

We are dedicated to improving U.S. industrial security standards in an effort to better protect all aspects of national defense information.